Tennnis.org is an online archive of data and images detailing video games based on tennis and other racquet sports, from 1958 to the present. It was initially developed in 2016 by designer Tim Szetela and continues to be updated and expanded.


Please send a note to hi@tennnis.org if you have any questions about the project.


An article describing the development of the project is featured in Issue No. 5 of Racquet magazine. Get a copy!


This project was inspired by the work of many designers, developers, and historians. A few shoutouts:

Carlin Wing's deep historical and cultural research into the evolution of racquet-based sports.

Raiford Guins's detailed research into Tennis for Two and other digital games and artifacts.

The invaluable software preservation efforts of Jason Scott and many others at Archive.org.

The data and spreadsheet parsing power of Tabletop.js.